Our nationally important seed collection is built on the foundation of hundreds of generations of growers who have nurtured biodiversity and cultural heritage. We not only collected the plant material and the seeds, but also the stories and whakapapa of our food plants and the old people who carried them to today. Growing out these food plants makes them available to both our members and the general public. The beautiful diversity that we see in our heritage collection – in the flavours, shapes and colours, is a glimpse of the past varieties of all the vegetables.

Please note that our Koanga membership deal is changing significantly with this catalogue. In order to be able to maintain a garden crew capable of saving our seeds we need 5000 members paying $45 each, and we must engage 0.1% of the population to do this. That will be an incredible achievement…. Watch our progress on the website on the membership page. You can see how many members we currently have, how many members have been supported to join this year, how many supported memberships are available right at the time you look, how much of our goal of $200.000 has been reached and what that will enable us to do.

We are beginning with around 900 members and a total value of $40,000 in membership income, 1/5th of where we are heading. We are changing the deal so these memberships become legal donations and we are recognizing that our seeds cost us far too much to grow and save to be giving them away, making our challenges impossible. Our ability to save the seeds depends upon us maintaining a garden crew  which rests on our membership numbers. At 5000 members, we can maintain a garden crew of four, the three isolation gardens required, plus the heritage fruit tree collection. For more details, see the membership page on the website.

Where will extra money from Memberships will go

Would you like to see what Koanga Institute will do with the funding it receives?

Check back here soon for a detailed database on what seed lines we will be able to save/maintain based on the level of funding we receive.

New Assisted Memberships

We have launched a new initiative to try and give back to some people that may be less fortunate at this time. This initiative will be to facilitate an arrangement where people who may not be able to get a membership at this time can be assisted by those others who are able to buy assisted memberships for them.

This is our way of encouraging and supporting trust so that we are all able to gift something of value to others and will in return be gifted what ever it is we need … often called ‘paying it forward’.

Firstly our priority is to be using the donations from our members to support young families as a top priority and secondly teenagers and those young people who are searching for something meaningful, that helps create a better future. What you get out of this is largely, the empowering feeling and knowledge that you are actually doing something to create a healthy future for yourselves and others, , as well as getting access to a lot of education in this field.

Would you like to apply for an assisted membership? Apply here