Education for Regenerative Living

Here at Koanga Institute we are learning to live simply and in a regenerative way in Aotearoa. We are very aware of how important food is to eco-systems, people, cultures, communities and ultimately our health. The education we provide is our way of actively sharing the knowledge and skills that we are accumulating.

Empower yourself with the practical skills to turn your dreams of self-reliance into your reality. We use the Permaculture design process to design and teach solutions for all aspects of our lives and environment. Our guided tours, workshops, permaculture design courses, internships and apprenticeships are all great ways to create your lifestyle or career path in a regenerative way.

We are committed to:

  • Inspiring and supporting regenerative living in New Zealand through education
  • Empowering home gardeners to develop efficient gardening skills, build top-soil and improve their health through enjoying their own quality, nutrient dense produce

All workshop prices include meals and tent sites with basic facilities.

Apart from our ‘away’ workshops held each winter (Hamilton this year) all of our workshops, design courses etc are held here at Kotare Village, a fledgling Permaculture Village based on a Community Land Trust model. We are 6 years into this project now, and after creating the invisible infrastructures of legal shapes, financial shapes, water and internet infrastructure and we are beginning to move forward with permanent buildings over the next year, exciting times. All our students comments on how great they found it to be living in this village and experiencing the life and times of it, and how much that became an important part of their experience here.

Permaculture Design Courses

Every year we run two Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) courses. A spring one which begins in September and an Autumn one which begins in February. Taking a Permaculture Design Course is the best tool available for those who wish to take responsibility for the need to become more resilient and self-reliant.  Not just for individual or family self-reliance, but more particularly for communities and bio-regions.  The context within which we teach this course will be around our belief that in the coming years we will urgently need to develop parallel economies that will have the resilience to cope with the likely power-down that our mainstream economy is faced with.

Follow these links for more information about our Spring PDC and our Autumn PDC.

Workshops for Regenerative Living

As well as our Permaculture Design Courses we also offer a range of shorter courses. These workshops have been organised in such a way that they can be undertaken together as a 4 week Growing Soil, Food and Health Internship or as component parts either as a week of study or in some cases 2 or 3 day workshops.

We offer the following workshops which together make up the Growing Soil, Food and Health Internship

Reclaim Your Health


18th to 22nd Sept 2017

Food Security


25th to 29th Sept  2017


Biointensive Gardening


Growing Nutrient Dense Food




2nd to 6th October 


Forest Garden Design 




Regenerative Urban

Farming Week 

9th to 13th October

We recognise that circumstances differ which is why we offer these component parts of the Internship as separate courses. However we also believe that, done together as the Growing Soil, Food and Health Internship, especially if the Koanga Permaculture Design Course is also undertaken to begin with, can be an especially powerful experience. Participants of the Growing Soil, Food and Health Internship will then also have the opportunity to apply for a practical internship here as well.

We offer these workshops in this way to offer the opportunity to learn the skills needed to make the paradigm shift that is required to find regenerative ways to earn a living, and to take care of our health, our communities and our ecosystems. Our Permaculture Design courses are also part of this process.

We find that young people often come and do the entire set of workshops on their gap year or after having done a degree that left them feeling confused about their next steps or future paths. They are also often done by people simply wanting a change of direction and to get the specific knowledge required to support them in the area they are looking to work in.

We do know that these workshops can be profoundly life changing and are internationally recognized as being leading edge and state of the art in these fields. Our teachers are all ‘walking their talk’ and are inspiring teachers, and Kotare Village is a very special, peaceful space to make a big personal journey.

Please do not hesitate to phone, e-mail or arrange to skype with us if you would like to ask questions or know more about the Internship.

Other Workshops

Introduction to Restoration Grazing with Jodi Roebuck

Thursday 28th September 7 to 9 pm at the Koanga Institute 

Cost $30

We are pleased to be able to offer an evening presentation as an introduction to this important topic.



Koanga Seed Week      26th February to 2nd March 2018

This seed week will give you the skills and understanding to grow and save your own seeds and to ensure that the seeds you save will be high quality for longevity and with the potential for optimal nutrition.


Guided Tours

We host several guided tours over the year. A guided tour will give you an overview of the work of the Koanga Institute, covering all aspects of the work we do. Currently we have the following Guided Tours planned

Sunday 1st October 2017

Sunday 5th November 2017

Sunday 3rd December 2017