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Our September / October send out of perennials will be starting soon. There are lots of amazing, hard to find perennials in this category including yams, artichokes, yacon and many others. More information on our perennial collection here


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We have several workshops due to start soon but its not too late to book a place. Details here

Introduction to Restoration Grazing with Jodi Roebuck

Thursday 28th September 7 to 9 pm at the Koanga Institute

Cost $30

Restoration grazing is essentially timed grazing. It is one of the most effective ways to help manage the landscape & sheep (aka the golden hoof) are renowned for their ability to thicken pastures while still being light on the land. Dry stock cattle have the ability to turn around over-rested pasture via trampling resulting in residual beginning the restoration process. In nature animals mob for safety, move frequently and have a recovery period before returning to the pasture. An increased stock density promotes higher stocking rates and creates the ability to trample surplus pasture to the ground resulting in a residual cover which builds organic matter, mitigating drought and promoting diversified pasture, nutrient cycling and soil building.

By setting these systems in place herbivores improve soil & establish diversity in the grasslands so they are more productive, resistant to drought and to run-off.

Using grazing patterns with your flock where animals mob & move regularly with an increased recovery spell will effectively restore the fertility of your pasture. This management approach can be replicated with larger hooved animals and across the spectrum of various sized farms from life-stylers to commercial scale.

This is an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge about this important grazing system

Don’t miss out, book your place here