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What to plant now

For information on what to do now in the garden and orchard check out our Moon Calendar 

Its definitely time to get planting now. If you’re not sure what to plant check out our Heritage Vegetable selector charts, these are a great resource to help you choose which pumpkins, tomatoes, beans and corn are right for your situation.


Our kumara send out has just started and will continue until late November. There is still time to order and information about varieties and availability can be found here .
Update November 4th 2017. Our kumara send out is progressing well but with high demand we have taken most varieties out of stock to allow the tupu to resprout and to allow us to catch up with existing orders. If you want to order kumara which is currently unavailable then please add your name to the waiting list for that variety on the product page. You will then receive an e-mail when it becomes available again. Please note some varieties are unlikely to be available again this season. Currently this applies to Candy and Hawaiian Blue. 
Our September / October send out of perennials is almost finished but there is still time to order some items. There are lots of amazing, hard to find perennials in this category and some are still available including yams, artichokes, solomons seal and sorrel . More information on what is still available can be found here
Gardening with Perennials is a new area that we are developing in our knowledgebase area. This is an expanding area of our knowledge base with heaps of useful information on perennials, how to grow them and recipes. 

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Koanga Seed Intern

We are looking for Koanga Seed Intern for this January 2018

The Seed Intern is a volunteer working with the Koanga team, harvesting and processing seed as it is ready over the Summer, from mid January until late March. This is a wonderful opportunity for the right person.

We are looking for somebody who is keen to learn the detailed ins and outs of seed production and processing.

We offer a caravan with an outdoor covered kitchen and the Koanga Seed Week February in return for 30 hours of work a week over that 11 week period. Please email [email protected] if interested.


Workshops for Regenerative Living

Our Spring workshop programme is over but will have more workshops in the Summer and next Spring. Details of courses and workshops  here