Current happenings and events

Meet the Koanga team at the Hawkes Bay Show

The Koanga crew will be at the Hawkes Bay Show at The Showgrounds in Napier from Wednesday 17th to Friday 19th October. You’ll find us in the Edible Gardens section at the show.

We’ll have a stall with fun activities including

  • A selection of tomatoes ready for people to try pricking out so they can take plants home.

  • Space in our tent for kids to plant a seed to take home.

  • There will be double digging for people to try.

  • And at the end we will plant out the garden we dig to show different diagonal spacings

Also Kay is talking on Friday at 10.30 am

The programme is below. Come along and say hi!

Hawkes Bay Show 2018 - Edible Garden Section Timetable

 Workshops for Regenerative Living

More exciting workshops happening soon.  Permaculture Design Course and Seed Week both happening in February 2019.  Details of courses and workshops  here

Exciting news! - New edition of Save Your Own Seeds Booklet now in stock

The new edition of our Save Your Own Seeds Booklet is now available following a major rewrite with more information in easily accessible charts and words.
This booklet is must have if you are serious about saving seeds in a way that will ensure their genetic strength and usefulness way into the future. It is especially written for home gardeners using whatever equipment is already in your household. No need to spend money to do this work. Saving one’s own seed connects one profoundly to your food, the earth and the universe above you. It enables the universe and the earth to communicate with your own body in a way that constantly regenerates strength, resilience and health. Saving ones own seeds also keep us safe from the potential ravages of eating genetically engineered food and gene edited food, about which many lies are being told and many cover ups are happening. GO FOR REGENERATION

What to plant now

For information on what to do now in the garden and orchard check out our Moon Calendar

Its definitely time to get planting now. If you're not sure what to plant check out our Heritage Vegetable selector charts, these are a great resource to help you choose which pumpkins, tomatoes, beans and corn are right for your situation.