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Natural Building & appropriate technology’s blog 16

Article 16 of Natural Bldg and Appropriate Tech Internship

Two big days for us! We spent them working on our front wall.

Since Thursday, while the sun was shining on our sweaty bodies, we worked hard. Our skills improved, mastering the art of chiselling, drilling and bolting. Now that we already raised up our back wall we have more experience on what to do and what not to do. The process went smoother, definitely.


Oscar (myself) chiselling.


Simon with the homemade long drill to go through all the depth of the timber.


Yes! The windows fit.

 Some students also went on their own project. We are ready to set up the ram pump. And a group of people harvested heaps of pine’s needles in the forest. This material will serve as a light earth mix to fill in our walls. Good insulation, we are looking forward to put it into the walls.

 7 cubic meters of pine needles. Thanks to the group who went harvesting them.

 At the same time on the building site. Grasped by a highly vibrational cosmic wave Rafa begin to harmonise himself with the structure.



 And after that, went to lift the whole front wall by himself.


But it is a lot of timber! So we came to help him!


Not so easy to lift. So we gathered all together, prepared ourselves and begin this big event. Ropes, a jack and a lot of muscles!

And here we go. RAAAAAAAH!






And… And… And…



Magnificent. So glad to finish the week with this awesome accomplishment. We are all satisfied and looking forward to keep going with the building.Here are the names and materials we used for the walls while they were horizontal.

Front wall

–          Four and a half studs

–          Two lintels

–          Two top plates

–          Two bracers

–          And a hell of a lot of threaded rod, washers and nuts

Back wall

–          Three studs

–          One top plate

–          One brace

–          And a little bit less threaded rod, washers and nuts

It is a lot of material. It was definitely a good idea to assembles the wall on a horizontal way. Having vertigo, climbing up there with these big logs is not for me. Working with round timber is an enjoyable experience. It does take time but the result is just beautiful, a true artistic structure. And even if we are assembling a square building the round timber add a harmonious atmosphere.

See you next week.

~Oscar Morand, 15 March 2013, Natural Building and Appropriate Technology Intern

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