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Natural Building & appropriate technology’s blog 15

Article 15 of Natural Bldg and Appropriate Tech Internship

Big Step for us today, we did put into place our first wall! Highly motivating event, the structure is moving upward and it is very encouraging.

 To begin with we had to finish the wall on its horizontal position. Big Ben taught us how to use the chisel. I really appreciated this tools that totally fit the them of our intern ship: appropriate technology.


Tom chiselling a flat part on the stud to lock it with the top plate.

Basically we first decided very precisely how to install our wall, while all the parts where still able to move independently from each other. This task asked for a lot of precision.


Measuring the needed length of the top plate.

 Once we were satisfied about the shape we begin to lock it into place. Our wall is composed of three studs, one top plate and one brace. Every time that a piece of timber touch an other one a flat surface on both poles was being chiselled to create a good grip between both mediums and then they were bolt together.


Sarah creating the flat area for the washer of the bolt to sit in.

 top plate

The top plate being bolt to the studs.

 Now our wall is solid, almost over engineered. We are pretty sure that it is not going to move. We have been precise enough and the best is that it even looks square!

 Ladies and Gentlemen it is time for the show.

 “Drums in the background…”

 Participants are ready to…      …lift the wall! Yoo-hoo!

And we are doing this the hard way, muscle!

Every one is here and PUSH!

lifting wall 

Lifting the wall.

 In fact it is amazing what the strength of many human beings put together can do. It was not this heavy at all.

 First wall, done!


Our very first one.

 We just need to fix it with some bolts to the steel bars coming out of the bond beam. Hopefully our studs were perfectly aligned with them. The studs are 25 millimeters up the concrete to not allow any kind of moisture going into the wood.


Waiting to be bolted.

It is a big event for us and also a real relief after all the hard work that we did since the beginning of the week. A highly satisfying moment for all of us.

Now we just need to start the other one. And the incredible thing is that we begun in the afternoon and the process went way faster this time. Maybe we will be ready to raise the second wall by tomorrow.

 During this afternoon some extra activity took place for the people who didn’t had much to do on the building site. We cannot always be all involved at the same time for sure. A group of person begin to tan some sheep’s skin and weld together the compression room for the ram pump.

Myself I began an experiment to grow plants with chlorophyll content inside the leaves without sun. I am not going to say more about it and will write in the future a full post about the results.

See you tomorrow,

 ~Oscar Morand, 13 March 2013, Natural Building and Appropriate Technology Intern

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