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Natural Building & appropriate technology’s blog 08

Article 8 of Natural Bldg and Appropriate Tech Internship

Here at Kotare Village we begin to feel the shift in season. Good-bye the warm summer and welcome at the cool autumn. But even if it is colder during the morning we had an outside class. What a good way to energize ourselves by being bare feet on the cold morning dew. Better than any coffee!


Yesterday Tom did some research about the design of our two passive solar sleep-outs on how to maximise the catchment of the sun to keep us warm during this time of the year. And he did share all his questions and answers with us this morning.


And this time it is not Tom but Tim who showed use that basics bits and pieces of a ram pump and explaining us the theory behind it. Basically it is a pump that works without electricity. It uses the energy contains in the water of a stream to pump it out of the same stream. I would advice you to do some google research at the subject because it is fascinating.


Tim drawing the mechanisms of the ram pump.

Let’s walk the talk and talk the walk! Straight after that we went into the creek to make a survey of the future ram pump. We prepared ourselves to have our feet in the water and found two different suitable spots. Having the theory fresh in the mind, it is always such a good experience to go directly on the field to see the practicality of these kind of projects.


Here is a possible spot for the ram pump.


Tim and Big Ben surveying the site.

Today we also had a sad event. It was the last day of Joanna who was here for the last seven weeks. She designed and implemented a typical urban permaculture garden as a demonstration site and an experimental site to see if it is possible to provide all the nutrients necessary for good human health in a small backyard. And just before she left we had the chance to have her present her project. She really did amazing work in the last few weeks. Thank you Jo! J


Joe presenting all her work.

Today is also Thursday, and like every Thursday it is seed packing day! A moment where people in the village and the interns gather together around all the seeds to put them into the packets that will go to sale.


Seed Packing around the table.


Shaked preparing some blueberry cuttings. He then soaks the cuttings into water where little pieces of willows branches have soaked overnight. The willow as a great roots hormone that will help the blueberry to send back some roots.

~Oscar Morand, 28 February 2013, Natural Building and Appropriate Technology Intern

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