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Feeding the family


Feeding the family

29 April 2012

We are eating a great range of vege right now. Aomaru Koshun daikon are my favourite, raw, cooked or fermented! Golden beetroot, landcress, carrots of many colours, Havelock North Sugar Snap peas, heritage potatoes, kumara and pumpkins from storage, and fermented tomato paste put aside, lettuce, chives, onions both red and brown plus Welsh Bunching Onions, leeks and herbs. … I’m happy! Together with our own local fermented vegetables (my favourite is the recipe above at this time of the year), meat, fat, bones for broth, eggs and milk for kefir and feta, we are almost spending nothing at the shop at all.

We are just now finishing double digging the last 30m of our vegetable garden. That will make it 200sq m and we will then have it in a clear rotation with 50m in each section. This winter we have:

  • 50m of carbon crops, Oats and vetch and hulless barley..
  • 50sqm of legumes planted as carbon crops mainly lupins and Tic beans
  • 50sq m of legumes and root crops for eating over the winter and early spring we have daikon (Aomaru Koshun), carrots (Benhorn), beetroot (Bull’s Blood and Golden), radish (White Icicle), salsify, scorzonera and shellout peas WF:Massey, and Havelock Sugar Snap peas and Tic beans.
  • The forth 50sq m is in winter heavy feeders such as Dalmatian cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli purple sprouting, savoy cabbage, and a host of other greens like corn salad, miners lettuce, Florence Fennel, Dalmatian parsley, coriander, Bloomsdale spinach, winter lettuce, puha, dandelion and more. The garlic is about to go into this section along with shallots tree onions and Pukekohe Long keepers a little later.

I have worked out carefully the cost of fertilising this 200sq m garden for the first six months. The details of how this was made up will be in our next catalogue. The cost was $6.36 per sq m including GST and all solid and liquid applications and including the Compost Minerals and Microbes and Seaweed Meal that went in the three compost heaps we made whilst developing the garden.

That is a total of: $1272!    (plus $100 worth of seed, makes it $1372)

It took only three months before we began getting a serious return from this garden (because we did such a good job of the soil preparation) and so there were only three months when we would have needed to be buying vegetables in the shops whilst also investing in the garden.

Only ½ of the garden needed to be developed to have begun getting a return, so that means in order to develop a garden similar to this you would need around $500 plus a garden hose, spade,fork, watering can and Niwashi and hula hoe or similar. If you buy top quality gear that will cost around $300 -$400.

A total investment of around $800 – $900 in your families health! How much do you value nutrient dense food, soil health and the health of your family?

For the next 6 months it will cost a lot less, and the costs will continue to decrease, in relation to me putting energy into building great compost. I will continue to keep you in touch.

PS. The prices I am using are the full retail prices Koanga Gardens sells it’s products for including GST but not including freight as I have none to pay. Most of you would which will increase the costs.

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